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Tradical® Q

Tradical® Q: the natural quick air lime can be used for industrial production of construction materials from mortars to decorative coatings. To be used for the production of putty lime for brickwork and blockwork in restoration, superb quality rendering & plastering

Tradical Q is a high quality, ultra-fine/ultra-white calcitic quick lime CL 90 Q
Tradical® Q is used for wet slaking and putty production in order to obtain a binder for all high quality mortars used for building masonry, for rendering or plastering, for decorating in restauration, renovation and new build constructions.
Tradical® Q brings the most exquisite air lime functionalities to your mortars :

- high elasticity
- durability (long lasting quality mortars)
- workability
- vapour permeability
- healthy material (natural and solvent-free)

Tradical® Q is available only in bulk for high volume needs (>20T per delivery)

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