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Tradical® PF70

Available in 22kg bags

Tradical® PF70 is the patented air lime pre-formulated binder "workhorse", to meet a wide range of applications and needs.

Tradical® PF70 has been developed to make a high-quality air lime binder with controlled setting. It is the binder for building masonry with all possible wall structures or roofing tiles, for rendering and plastering in both renovation and new build constructions.

Tradical® PF70 is ready and easy-to-use. Just add fine aggregates and water in the required proportions and you will have a mortar that is highly workable, of appropriate strength and flexible. In addition, it will bring breathability and long lasting performance that can enhance your building project adding values that any end-user will appreciate.

In combination with good design and construction, Tradical® PF70 mortars can lift the visual appearance of your brickwork and provide a durable, low maintenance end product of distinction.

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