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Tradical® PF

Tradical® PF: these ready-to-use pre-formulated binders combine air lime and hydraulic binders so that you get the best of both for your projects. To be used in brickwork and blockwork, rendering & plastering

Tradical® PF is a product line of different air lime-based pre-formulated binders to meet all needs in terms of building masonry, rendering and plastering in the renovation and new build market segments.
Tradical® PF incorporates in one mixed product all necessary ingredients to make high-quality/high performance air lime mortars compatible with all kinds of wall structures.
Tradical® PF brings all the necessary performances for a successful masonry work :

Technical performance :
- Elasticity
- Application-specific compressive strength
- Vapour permeability
- Durability

Value performance :
- Workability
- High-yield product
- Lower maintenance masonry

Environmental performance :
- Low energy/high-carbon capture masonry
- Solvent-free
- Sustainable masonry

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