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Tradical® HF

Tradical® HF is a hemp filler to be mixed with Tradical® HB a specially designed, patented air lime based binder to produce a hemcrete that is used for walls, roof insulation, floor screeding as well as renders and plasters. The Tradical® HF hemp is an active filler providing the thermal and acoustic insulation properties for hemcrete products.

combined with Tradical® HB, Tradical® HF provides an exceptional level of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) sequestration which can help to combat global climate change.

The Tradical® HF hemp grows very quickly, second only to bamboo, and stored Carbon releasing Oxygen to the atmosphere. More than 100 kg of CO2 is sequestrated for every 1m3 of hemcrete wall constructed.

Tradical® HF is a natural, ecological, sound and " breathing " product.

Available in 20 kg bags (or approximately 200L); Bulk deliveries by special arrangement.

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