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Tradical® HB

Available in 22 kg bags

Tradical® HB is a specially designed, patented, pre-formulated air lime based binder for making low energy, high carbon capture, durable, high quality hemcrete products.

Tradical® HB must be mixed with Tradical® HF in the recommended mix proportions (depending on the application)

The design of Tradical® HB is such that mixing and application has been simplified to ensure an efficient and easy application of hemcrete products. The mix proportions with Tradical® HF hemp filler are such that whole bag mixing is all that is needed. There is no need for measuring of component doses or other additives to be included. Simply determine the product application, wall, roof, floor or render and count the number of bags. not only does this help on site, but also throughout the construction process from design to logistics.

Hemcrete Application Tradical® HF 20kg bag
Number of Bags
Tradical® HB 22kg bag
Number of Bags
In-situ walls (non-structural) ONE TWO
Floor slabs & screeds ONE THREE
Roof insulation ONE ONE
Renders & plasters ONE TWO
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