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Tradical® H

Tradical® H: the natural hydrated air lime can be used pure or mixed with hydraulic binders for natural high performing construction materials . To be used in brickwork and blockwork, rendering & plastering

Tradical® H is an ultra-fine/ultra-white calcitic hydrated air lime CL 90 S
Tradical® H is the binder for all quality mortars used for building masonry, for rendering or plastering, for decorating in both renovation and new build constructions.
Tradical® H can be used for on-site mortar preparation (Site Made Mortar/SMM) or for ready-to-use pre-formulated binders (Factory Made Mortars/FMM).
Tradical® H brings all the air lime product functionalities to your construction materials :

- elasticity
- durability (long lasting quality mortars)
- workability
- vapour permeability
- healthy material (natural and solvent-free)

Tradical® H is available :

- in 25 kg bags
- in bulk for high volume needs (>20T per delivery)

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