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Technical & Practical


Tradical Hemcrete is a material that will cause a revolution in the construction industry. For any material to be used in the increasingly environmental conscious world it must live up to a number of key criteria.



Tradical Hemcrete is used to build walls. In timber frame buildings it provides the wall form, the racking strength and the insulation. In steel and concrete framed buildings, it provides the wall form and insulation in one monolithic product.

Among the important technical considerations for wall infi lling materials of timber framed buildings, is that the excellent vapour permeability provided by Hemcrete is protecting the timber from deterioration mechanisms and extending its longevity. The lightweight of Hemcrete means that lightweight timber framing and foundation structures can be used which can reduce costs and construction time making Hemcrete a very efficient building medium.

In steel and concrete structures, the vapour permeability also delivers a protective environment against corrosion.

The high thermal performance and air-tightness of the Hemcrete walls means that single skin structures are sufficient and do not require additional insulation layers. This avoids the need for cavity wall construction and makes construction speed and simplicity a very attractive feature of Hemcrete walling construction.

The ability of the walls to breathe and the store heat allows for a passive self regulation of the temperature and humidity within the building in general, often reducing the need for air conditioning.

As well as being ideal for new construction, Tradical Hemcrete is well suited for the renovation and repair of old timber-framed buildings as a viable and sympathetic replacement for the original wall in-fill.

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