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What is a "sustainable construction" ?

Sustainability can be linked very closely to the amount of energy required to create a building as well as the chemistry of the products used.

Tradical® products are lower energy products than cement and hydraulic lime based products as industrial lime production is achieved at lower temperatures thus requiring less energy input in the kiln.

The products are non-toxic and do not contain solvents. When combined with hemp fibres, Tradical® Hemcrete products sequestrate a high amount of CO2.

More than 100 kg of CO2 can be taken from the atmosphere per cubic metre of walling. For a typical house this means that switching to Hemcrete and Tradical® products means a saving of more than 50 tonnes of CO2 compared with the current typical house.

Tradical® products allow easier, lower energy recycling of bricks and blocks than higher strength and cement based products.

Lime based mortars are more readily removed from typical bricks and blocks unlike higher strength and cement based products.
This difference means that cleaning off mortar and render from bricks and blocks is economical allowing the recycling of the high embodied energy bricks and blocks, as long as demolition is your preferred option.


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