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Substrate types

Very soft wall structures
Soft wall structures
Clay bricks and cement blocks
Concrete walls

Very soft wall structures

Tradical® renders are perfectly compatible with very soft wall structures without generating a "tension surface" which can cause debonding, water infiltration and the weakening of the load-bearing wall.
The slow render setting with air will allow for excellent cohesion with the wall.
 ( Plasters/renders on very soft substrates | 272k )

Soft wall structures

Chalk - Limestone - Aircrete blocks -Hemp Lime concrete - Insulating blocks

Soft wall structures such as limestone, aircrete blocks or Hemp Lime concrete all have a high vapour permeability that is the main reason for their exceptional hydrothermal comfort.
Tradical® renders are porous which does not impede the vapour permeability of the soft block and which does not prevent the humidity in the wall from evapourating to the outside (thus preventing major long term damage from occuring).
Tradical® renders readily withstand thermal cyclical variations.
 ( Plaster/render for soft substrate | 202k )


Clay bricks and cement blocks

Cavity Brick -Full brick -Cement blocks

Clay bricks are a porous and "breathing" construction block. To keep these characteristics (essential to the hydrothermal comfort of the construction) the render must provide equivalent/compatible properties.
Tradical® renders meet this requirement and are highly durable. Tradical® renders also allow thick first coats to compensate for unevenness of the wall structure (brick or cement block).
 ( Plaster/render on clay brick/quarry stones construction | 213k )

Concrete walls
(In-situ cast concrete) - Concrete blocks

Tradical® renders provide value-adding aesthetic finishes to modern wall structures. In addition building contractors will benefit from the high Tradical® render workability (ease-of-use, reworkability, moderate setting time) which will positively impact their work organization and productivity.
 ( Renders/plasters on concretes | 222k )


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