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Tradical® in rendering and plastering


In order to provide protection, renders must meet several requirements :

- absorb the deformations of the load-bearing structures,
- withstand thermal cycling,
- withstand air and water pollutions,
- retain water-proofing capability,
- allow vapour permeability.

Tradical® renders meet these requirements on any kind of load-bearing structure (new build or renovation).

As well as their technical performance, renders made with Tradical® products provide eye-catching finishes that enhance the appearance of buildings. The variety of finishes that can be achieved provides a wide range of available facade qualities with limitless colour variation possibilities.

Decorative plasters made with Tradical® products deliver attractive, long lasting finishes that are easy to maintain. The selection of quality components in the preformulated binders when combined with carefully selected additions allow excellent finishes to be achieved. The colouring of the mixed plasters allows them to be the final decoration interior that has a real warming feel.

The characteristics of high flexural strength allow the plaster to absorb the deformations of load bearing structures. Excellent workability makes application easy and the extended pot life that permits flexibility in working practices minimises waste.

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