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About us

Experts in lime and dolime

The constant development of the Lhoist Group is based on the exceptional quality of its many deposits all around the world. The growth of the role of technology within the sector, as well as the added experience and know-how of our colleagues at different manufacturing sites.

The nature of our relationships with customers has changed over the past few years : from being suppliers, we have developed into partners in finding solutions to environmental challenges. Whether these are in civil engineering, water treatment, flue gas treatment, agriculture, construction or in other sectors, the Lhoist Group has innovated successfully, in collaboration with universities, by consulting its centres of excellence, as well as its research and development centres.

Finally, the unique potential of the physico-chemical properties of quality lime products allows us to look to the future with confident optimism, to the greatest benefit of our customer.


Lhoist Group history                                                                                                                           



In 1889, Hippolyte Dumont founded the company "Carrières et Fours à Chaux Dumont-Wautier" (which later became the Lhoist Group) at Hermalle, in Belguim. Thirty-five years later, his son-in-law Léon Lhoist set up "Etablissements Léon Lhoist", 50km further south in Jemelle. The Lhoist Group's international expansion began in 1926 when it acquired its first site in France.

Crossing the Atlantic

International expansion continued in the 1980s, when the Group bought a stake in Chemical Lime and set foot on the American continent. The Group then grew progressively, first in the Southwest and later in the Southeast United States. In 1995, it built its largest US plant, at Ste. Genevieve on the west bank of the Mississippi River.

Expansion in Europe

With the opening up of Eastern European countries in the 1990s, the Lhoist Group acquired factories and quarries in the Czech Republic and Poland. A series of mergers and acquisitions helped the Lhoist Group to consolidate its position in Germany. It was also at this time that the Lhoist Group started to manufacture refractory materials, first in France and subsequently in Germany.

The third millennium

The new millennium has seen the Lhoist Group continue its policy of vigorous international expansion, with greater presence in the USA, Brazil and Europe.

While its refractory division was sold in 2005, the Lhoist Group has entered the Asian market through China, India and Malaysia.




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