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What is Tradical® HF ?

Tradical® HF is the woody core of the stem of the hemp plant. The core of the plant is processed into small pieces known as shiv. Hemp is the second fastest growing crop plant on earth after bamboo. In times gone by, it was considered as a vital commodity since it was used to make ropes, strong fabrics, construction lime mortar reinforcements, insulating materials and oil for lighting. Today's hemp applications include high omega 3 cooking oil (derived from hemp seeds), animal feedstock, reinforcement fibres for the automotive industry (BMW & Mercedes door lining panels), paper pulp, horse bedding and construction materials (hemp shiv).

Hemp is cultivated in the UK with remarkable ecological advantages :

  • the plant grows very quickly and can reach 3 meters
        in less than 3 months.
  • no agrochemicals are used in the growing of the crop
  • it grows so fast that no other plant can compete -
        including weeds (no herbicides are required)
  • it sequestrates significant quantities of carbon
        dioxide (growth of 1 Tonne of hemp shiv uses up
        nearly two Tonnes of CO2 )
  • 100% of the harvested plant is useful

  • Industrial hemp used in construction is grown under licence in the UK. No chemicals are added at any stage of its growth, so producing a truly 'green' product. When the crops are harvested, the outer fibres of the stem are stripped off and the inner core is used to make Tradical® HF. It is dried, chopped, dust extracted and packed into heat sealed, recyclable bags.

    Hemp shiv (cellulosic fibres) are used for some exceptional properties : mechanical strength, durability, sound and thermal insulation, exceptionally high carbon capture (every ton of carbon which is sequestrated in a Tradical® construction is one ton of carbon which is not released in the atmosphere).

    The Tradical® quality assurance guarantees the conformity of the Hemp shiv. They must pass very strict quality targets (sizing, cleanliness, dust, hygrometry) so that, when combined with Tradical® HB, they can provide construction products meeting all construction standards.

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