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Introduction to Tradical®


Tradical HF - Hemp shiv
Tradical HF is industrial hemp that is grown under licence in the UK and processed exclusively for Lhoist UK to be used for construction purposes. The processing of the hemp removes the fibre and chops, grades and de-dusts the shiv ready for construction use.

Hemp History
It is said that production from the hemp plant has 25,000 known uses. Certainly it was grown as a staple crop to provide oil for lighting and fibre for ropes, nets, rigging, cloth and paper. Hemp has been used for Paper production for centuries. In fact the Magna Carter and American Declaration of Independence were written on hemp paper as was the first King James' Bible.

Henry VIII passed a law requiring all farms over 60 acres to grow hemp to satify his naval requirements. However by the mid 20th century the growing of hemp was outlawed because of its narcotic content (cannabis). The narcotic content has been selectively bred out of the industrial crop and the first licences for industrial grade hemp farming were issued by the UK Government in 1993. Industrial hemp is now undergoing a renaissance in numerous industries. As well as construction, hemp products are being used today in the automotive industry. The renaissance for hemp cultivation is being actively supported by DEFRA and the NNFCC.

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