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Tradical® Seminar/ Workshop May 2007

    Hemcrete as a finalist in the Grand Designs Magazines Award
Lhoist UK member of AECB

Ecobuild 2007

Come to Ecobuild 2007, at Earls Court 2 between February 27th and March 1st, 2007 for another exciting opportunity to see, touch and explore the Tradical environmental building products that are making headlines in the urgent fight against global climate change.

Tradical Hemcrete achieves significant pollution control through the nett capture of the principal greenhouse gas, Carbon Dioxide (CO2), at a rate of as much as 150 kg/m3 as well as being the low energy alternative to higher energy construction materials. The nett saving of using Tradical Hemcrete can be hundreds more kilogrammes per cubic metre.

Calculations show that a saving of up to 50 Tonnes of CO2 emissions can be achieved in the walls of a single house, meaning that if all UK new housing was built of Tradical Hemcrete, that 9 Million Tonnes of CO2 could be captured every year.

The Tradical building products also provide a healthy living and working environment through their passive moisture balance and thermal insulation characteristics that not only make for healthier, more comfortable conditions but also save energy in reducing heating and air conditioning requirements, therefore further combating global climate change as well as cost.

So make a note in your schedule not to miss visiting Stand E330 at the Ecobuild show in Earls Court 2, London between February 27th and March 1st 2007 and be sure of a warm and sustainable welcome from the Tradical team

Attached please find the visual for the Tradical stand:


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