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Tradical® in brickwork and blockwork

Tradical® PF70 makes workable mortars with appropriate compressive strength and excellent flexibility. The mortar will retain these properties through time allowing durable constructions.

A classically site batched 1/1/6 masonry mortar of excellent characteristics is made with
Tradical® H: use Tradical® H in combination with OPC, carefully graded aggregates and additives (as required).

To produce a higher durability, higher yield masonry mortar from a
ready-to-use binder : use only Tradical® PF70, the pre-formulated binder, with carefully graded aggregates.

Tradical® PF70 contains all the necessary components so there is no requirement for additives thereby reducing errors and spillage as well as improving health & safety on site.

 ( Masonry Mortars | 295k )

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