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Blocks compatibility

Tradical® mortars for low compressive strength blocks

(natural sedimentary stone and aircrete blocks)
Mortars used with sedimentary stone blocks, especially very soft limestones,
require a very low elastic modulus. To best meet this requirement a high air lime
dosage is necessary (Tradical® H + hydraulic binder or ready-to-use TRADICAL® PF70)

 ( Stone masonry | 346k )

Tradical® mortar for clay bricks :


Tradical® mortar is the best solution for clay brick masonry. It is however important to consider the different clay brick designs and to adjust the masonry mortars to their different mechanical properties.

 ( Clay brick and block masonry | 381k )

Tradical® mortar for concrete blocks :


Concrete blocks generally have a very high elastic modulus that reduces their ability to absorb deformations with the immediate side effects (cracking, render debonding etc.).
Tradical® mortars can help in compensating this phenomena while retaining a sufficient compression strength to not jeopardize the load bearing capability of the concrete wall.

Tradical® mortar for tile roofing :


Clay roofing tiles, although very brittle, must withstand some roof deformation.
Tradical® mortars deliver excellent bonding, retain a very high elasticity, are
vapour permeable and, because of their excellent workability, allow for exact tile positioning.
Removal and re-use of roofing tiles is also made much easier.

 ( Clay tile roofing materials | 351k )

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