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Tell me about Tradical® aesthetics

Tradical® products are designed to deliver high quality visual results when building, rendering, plastering, white-washing or painting.

The appearance of the products is an essential part of their appeal. The
mortars natural colour brings out the best in the appearance of clay bricks, especially where course aggregates are used. The renders can be provided with finishes ranging from rough cast to a very smooth appearance, using skilled craftsmen.

high finish applications, Tradical® products provide the basis for superbly smooth finishes required for frescos and polished surfaces. The hemp lime finishing products also have warming and very appealing characteristics. The final effects of Tradical® finishing products are long lasting and can be chosen from a wide range.

The products are manufactured under tight quality control regimes to ensure
consistency and conformity in the selected final appearance. Our manufacturing team are focussed on delivering quality products that provide pleasing results.

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