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Why Tradical ?

Technical performance
- high flexural strength to accommodate construction movements
  (hydraulic binders have low flexural strength)
- high-bond strength with compatible mortar/block mechanical
- vapour permeability (the wall is breathing and moisture is not trapped
  inside as with hydraulic binders)
- the right compressive strength (the "right strength" not the "super
  rigidity of hydraulic binders")

Value performance
- at equal wall surface you will need up to 30% less Tradical® based
  mortar than when using hydraulic binders
- this translates into less freight and in less product handling
- better workability (mortars can be reworked without affecting performance) and
  better working comfort

Contribution to your health
- promotes good health
- kills germs
- no solvents inside

Contribution to the environment
- low energy mortar (compared to hydraulic binders)
- reabsorbs CO2 which is the setting agent (as opposed to water
  for hydraulic binders) thereby reducing green house gas emissions
- high carbon capture (one m� of a 30cm thick Tradical® hemp-lime
  wall can sequestrate up to 34 kgs of CO2)
- easily recyclable

Building requirements:

Controlled setting
- designed product setting characteristics that are suitable for each application

Excellent workability
- unused mixed materials can be re-worked within their pot life without downgrading their performance

Less waste
- unused materials do not harden quickly and become unusable waste

Higher productivity
- the ability to mix materials for a full shift's work decreases mixing time and increases productivity

Extended pot life
- designed pot life permits flexibility in working practices

High water retention
- product characteristic that ensures controlled setting performance


Design requirements over time

- low life-time maintenance

- high flexural strength accommodates movement

- compressive strength compatible with the mechanical properties of the construction blocks

- high bond strength minimises cracking

- high vapour permeability - walls can readily "breathe"

- reduction of condensation

- mould and germ resistant providing a healthier living environment

- water proof capability

- no solvents or toxic components

- readily recyclable



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